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Head Spa


Recommended Naturalist

Head spa + Co2 wash + Blowdry $60

Hair Cut

Lady’s $70/Student $60
Men’s $50/Student$45
Under16 $40
Under12 $30

Hair Colour Not including Hair Cut

・Regrowth  (only regular customer /less than 2 month) $78

・Regrowth(new customer/more than 3 month) $93

Whole hair colour

Single Process

・Short $100~
・Medium $130~
・Long $160~

Double Process(Breach + colour)

・Short $150~
・Medium $180~
・Long $

Highlight or Lowlights

・Half $110~
・All $160~


Colour Treatment $10
OLAPLEX Treatment $87~100


Perm – Including Hair Cut

The price depends on the lengths of hair.

・Cold Perm $150~

・Digital Perm $200~

・All including Treatment.

Japanese Hair Straightening– Including Hair Cut

Hard type

・Fringe (Not including Hair Cut) $80
・Short /Regrowth$250(All $300)
・Medium/ Regrowth $280 (All $330)
・Long /Regrowth $310 (All $370)
・Strong Curry Frizzy Hair type 癖の強い方(Plus $100)

Soft type

Japanese Relax Straightment / 艶ストレートメント$185〜
This products reforming the hair’s components, treat and fix dry,damaged Hair. Straightment does not straighten the hair completely. Price depends on the lengths of hair. Including hair cut

・Weaving Straightening/ウィービングストレート$160~
Only 30% Weaving Japanese Chemical Straightening. Natural Looking Straight Hair .Including Hair Cut.  The price depends on the lengths of hair.

ウィービングストレート まずはCheck!


If you are not satisfied with our service, please feel free to contact us within 1 weeks.

(Please note that this guarantee expires after 1 weeks and that it will depend on your hair condition)



このような場合はすぐにご連絡下さい。 施術後1週間以内のご連絡であれば、完全無料にてお直しの施術対応をさせていただきます。